Why Tenants Love Management Companies over Self-Managing Landlords

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Why Tenants Love Management Companies over Self-Managing Landlords

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Today, we’re going to talk about is a lot of investors will ask me what’s the value in using property management companies as opposed to self-managing. I can tell you all the value that we give to the owner but I think one thing you want to look at is what’s the value to the tenant. A lot of people don’t think of the tenant as a customer, and normally as a property management company does or as a property management company should is they should think of that tenant as the second half of the client, meaning the owner’s the first half of the client;

But in order to be a successful management company, you gotta have both sides. You have to have the owner and you have to have the tenant, in order to get the income coming in for that owner.

And from the tenant’s perspective, you wanna think of what’s the best way to service that client. The best way to service that client is, for example, when there’s a maintenance call, you wanna be able to get a licensed vendor out there, dispatched as quickly as possible. You wanna make sure that when they go in that property that they are licensed, they’re insured, that if they slip off the roof, there’s not gonna be any liability that comes back to the owner. Maybe someone doe come into the property and the tenant says someone stole something from the house, and you find out that vendor doesn’t have insurance because you tried to use the cheap guy in the truck. So there’s a lot of value to the tenant that, as far as maintenance goes, will really help you.

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